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The constant use of coal to produce energy and electricity produces carbon dioxide that is released to the earth’s atmosphere. This increased discharge of carbon dioxide is the main cause of the global warming effect. Scientist all over the world are trying to come up with answers to replace the current technology with alternatives that have comparable or better performance, but without discharging those deadly fuels.

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Alternative energy is a wide term referring to any source of usable energy that can replace fuel sources without consequences like fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Most of the alternative energy companies use renewable sources, which considered as free energy sources. When compared to conventional energy sources, alternative energy sources all have lower carbon emissions.

The most common types of alternative energy are wind energy and solar energy. Wind energy is a process when the wind is harnessed to create energy, using wind turbines. A wind turbine produces energy by capturing the wind in the rotor and converting the energy into electricity. Solar energy is the term used to generate electricity from the sun. The use of photovoltaic panels (widely known as solar cells) converts light directly into electricity.

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A few other, less known types of alternative energy are:

Biofuel and ethanol – those are plant-derived substitutes of gasoline, mainly produced for powering cars.

Geothermal energy – a way of using hot water or steam from the earth’s interior for heating and for electricity generation.

Floating wind farms – as opposed to a regular wind farm, they float in the middle of the ocean. The floating wind farms can be placed in deep water and they can harness the winds from the open ocean, that can reach high velocity speeds.

Algae fuel – this is a biofuel which is derived from algae. The algae capture carbon dioxide and sunlight, converting it into oxygen and biomass during photosynthesis.

Alternative energy companies are wide-spread globally, and offer great, eco-friendly alternatives to the regular electricity produced from coal.

Alternative Energy Companies Index:


Green Star Products – a holding company with various equity positions in energy and transportation technology companies.

Hojo Motor – a device produces green energy that has 3 U.S. Patents.

Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc. – engineering and project development firm devoted to providing the technical services to a broad range of energy service providers and end-users.

Sunelco – a solar electric products distributor and systems intigrator. Specializing in alternative energy for remote homes and livestock water pumping.

Alternative Energy Soltuions Inc. – a revolutionary system that heats pools using the heat produced by home air conditioners.

World Energy – provider of alternative fuel solutions for federal, state, utility, transit, municipal, and private fleets.

American Alternatives Energy Corp. – IPP consulting and development for power energy, cogeneration, thermal, hydro and wind.

Alternative Technology and Renewable Energy – features small scale green living projects which can be carried out inexpensively at home. Includes solar energy, wind power, rainwater harvesting, and grey water recycling.

Advanced Alternatives Engineering Corporation – the specialists for alternative heating and power generation.

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